You’d be really unlucky to be born a guinea pig in Peru. Guinea Pig, or cuy in South America, is considered a true delicacy. It’s the ratty teeth and crispy little body I struggle to get to grips with. So far, I’ve passed on the opportunity. However, there have been plenty of fans over the years. In Chavin de Huantar there is evidence to show cuy were cultivated in the Andes by 900 BC. Further down the valley though, in the small town of Huari, arguably they’ve upped the game where the consumption of furry, domesticated animals are concerned. Every year in October the people of Huari celebrate the Fiesta de los Gatos (the festival of the cats), when they serve up quantities of miche broaster, or roasted cat. Unlike the consumption of the cuy, no one is quite certain when or why this tradition began, but as each October approaches you can be sure any feline worth his whiskers is heading for the hills.


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