Hi, welcome to the blog. The name of the blog is taken from my latest book, CITY OF MYTHS, RIVER OF DREAMS. You can read about it by clicking BOOKS on the menu bar above.

CITY OF MYTHS, RIVER OF DREAMS is a blog about overland travel, about packing up the wheels and, with a tank full of fuel and a head full of dreams, setting out for distant lands. My first experience of overlanding was more than twenty-five years ago when I ventured into the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, searching for tree-climbing goats. It’s a journey fondly remembered for the trail of errors. Not one to be put off by a few mishaps, I’ve since travelled extensively in Africa, producing two books recounting my journeys.

In January 2012, Christine and I boarded a cargo ship at the port of Le Havre in northern France, setting sail for Buenos Aires, capital city of Argentina, and some new adventures in the Americas. We’re driving from Argentina to Canada, though it’s taking some time, for along the way there are the inevitable distractions.


I hope you get to read some of the posts and, if you’re not already on the road, feel inspired to head overland.

Take it easy,




James is English, was educated at Bootham School, York, and has variously been a garage mechanic, farmer, hotelier, property developer, survey ship manager and beach bum. He is a nomad, constantly on the move, either by motorcycle or some pimped-up Toyota, and he’s joined the community of restless souls who call themselves overlanders. Luckily his wife is also nomadic and is the linguist in the team, which is pretty handy, as even James’s English is a bit dodgy. Always one for a challenge, since hitting the road he’s scribbled rather a lot of notes, which he’s so far turned into a couple of books, and is threatening more.

James’s love of things with an engine blossomed as a youth in the 70’s. His first motorbike was a Bultaco 250 Sherpa, a trials bike ridden to much acclaim by his hero, Sammy Miller. It was, however, a volatile affair, not least because the bike was addicted to Easy Start, and rarely stopped unless the plug cap was yanked off. His mechanical prowess has developed little since those early days, and whilst he’s now covered quite a few thousand kilometres in both Africa and South America, asking technical questions is not recommended. Though you are very welcome to try!

Bultaco 250 Sherpa, a similar model to the first love of my life
Bultaco 250 Sherpa, a similar model to the first love of my life

James is a contributor to the Overland Magazine: http://overlandmag.com/contributors/

Adobe Photoshop PDF
Adobe Photoshop PDF

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